Fire - Mutton fat burner

There two ways you can stay warm with mutton fat. One is to simply eat it just before bed, get restless leg syndrome as your body tries to figure out what to do with all the fuel in it's bloodstream, and wait until your wife knocks you out with a club, and the other is to burn it in your DIY turbo jet methanol burner.

I chose a combination of both.

I ate a lot of it, but then put a toothpick in the remainder (spooned out of the frying pan) as a wick, and set the rest on fire in my coke can alcohol stove.

It worked a bit.

Nothing like the heat output of using ethanol, but still easily enough to cook a lamb chop from the fat left behind after cooking a lamb chop.

It looked like this with the lights on...

and this with the lights out.

A far cry from the results obtained from the same burner when it was fuelled with pure alcohol, but still plenty of heat to cook a lamb chop - which drops enough fat to cook a lamb chop, which drops enough fat to cook a lamb chop, etc etc

120 Things in 20 years cooks with a fire, fuelled only by mutton fat (and a toothpick wick) from the previous lamb chop, and asks a nearby physicist, "Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch? You've clearly never crashed a wedding reception.".

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