Aquaponics - Carrot haul

I pulled up the last of my aquaponics carrot patch and was pleasantly surprised by the result.

I suspect I could have planted them a lot closer together, but I harvested enough that I think it's a worthwhile crop for aquaponics.

Generally speaking, I try to grow quick growing or repeat harvest produce because I have such a limited space, but I might be able to grow carrots under my capsicum plants or something.

One of the issues with growing things like carrots or potatoes is that when they are in season in your garden, they are practically free at the supermarket, but these carrots had quite a long season where I could pick them a bit young, or a bit old. Either way they tasted good, and it was nice to have perfectly fresh carrot kicking around.

All in all, I would say carrots were a success in aquaponics.


  1. It is much better to eat according to the season. Humans have adapted to seasonal changes by adjusting their metabolic rates depending on what is available in different seasons. In other words, eating carrots all year round is not only against human evolution, but also waste unnecessary effort and resources that can otherwise be provided by our nature for FREE!

  2. I'm confused.

    Better than what?

    -120 things in 20 years


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