Aquaponics - Tomato dangling

We had some unseasonably cold weather here is South Australia over the last few days, but my grow house seems to be looking after my dangling tomato.

It's two weeks since I put my small collection of small tomato, tomato plants in their small new home.

They looked like this two weeks ago.

The big tall bit in this poorly conceived and poorly executed photo is actually a monster radish plant that has gone to seed. It's growing in the bed behind and below the fishtank.

This group of tomato plants is growing suspended in a plastic container over a fish tank occupied by two silver perch. They sit entirely in air except for the bits that are in water. ie, there is no dirt or gravel or whatever.

They look like this now, two weeks later.

They've grown quite a bit.

The camera is resting on a fixed part of the fish tank, in a known position, so I should be able to get an interesting (to me at least) history of the growth of them over the next 6 months.

I did plan on doing some stop motion photography of some growth but I cant find my old and nearly broken laptop, that is somewhere in the shed. It has such a small hard drive that I wouldn't be able to take many photos, but I have since bought a zillion ziggerbyte backup hard drive that should allow me to run it forever. I just have to find the laptop.

Perhaps its wondered off to go back and sit on the side of the road from whence it originally came.

Anyway, my little tomato experiment must be doing ok, because it's started flowering.

Or that might mean it's stressed.

Lots of things go to seed when they feel the end is nigh.

Sometimes I'm glad humans aren't like lots of things.

It's interesting to watch how fast the roots are growing as well.

They look like this already, and within a week will be able to reach from the centr hole of the IBC where they live, all the way to the front wall.

It's a bit deceiving, because all the roots are swept towards the opening in the fish tank by the current, so there aren't quite as many roots as it looks. Not that you would know how many roots there are because I haven't posted up the photo of them.

I'll do it now.

120 Things in 20 years recently invented "just in time photography" and used it here first, when discussing dangling aquaponics tomatoes.

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