Aquaponics - Training tomato plants

I'm trying to teach my tomato a lesson.

I'm tring to teach it to play outside.

It's way too crowded inside my growhouse for a tomato plant, so I've decided it has to go outside.

There's a small triangle space that's near the top of the fishtank, which should alow for enough space.

To force it to grow that way, I thought I might try just leaning it over, and covering it.

The roots have come a little way out of the fish tank as a result of leaning it over, but there are still a lot that make it into the water.

It's been like this a few days now, and I think it's working.


The tomatoes do seem to be ignoring my wishes and growing up, but that might just be from habit.

It's hoped that they will find their way out of the corner and then down the side of the growhouse, but it might take a while.

120 Things in 20 years thinks the secret to training tomatoes is a firm but calm voice, and patience ... and an aquaponics system... and a blue tarp.

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