Aquaponics - Sprouter capsicum falling over

The now 6 days old (from the time of first sprouting) capsicum sprouts in the sprouter are trying to reach up and put out some leaves, but they keep falling over.

This might not be a big deal, as it might just coil around a bit until it creates a stand for itself, and then goes about it's growy business.

The danger will be that by the time it creates a stand for itself, it will be out of energy.

As I understand it, the sprout grows only from the energy stored in the seed, and water from the environment. Some seeds need to get through quite a bit of dirt, so I'm hoping nature has left a little in reserve.

I guess they will still grow even if I transplant them as a coil, but I was hoping for a nice straight tap root to make sure it reaches the water in the aquaponics system.

It's normal in an aquaponics system to have a maximum water level set in the grow bed so that it's around 25mm down from the top of the media. This helps prevent evaporation, and also some diseases and fungal attacks associated with the stems of various plants being too wet.

So the jury is still out (for capsicum) as far as using a sprouter for seed raising in aquaponics.

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  1. I've had bean sprouts & lentil sprouts... how are capsicum sprouts? Tasty?

    1. I'd try one, but these sweet Romano pepper seeds are the only ones I've got, and they don't seem to create viable seeds.

      Our normal capsicum is the ...cube variety .. California something.

  2. Are you watering them with AP water, or just the plain vanilla sort? I bet they'd like AP water.

    1. Just normal tapwater.

      I'm under the impression that all they take is water at the sprout stage.

      I cant remember why I think that.

      Also, whilst I'd be happy to drink a glass of my fish tank water, I'm not sure others would, and Mrs 120 Things eats sprouts in passing without rincing them.

      Also also...

      Our tap water has some nitrates. I think all water supplies would.

      In fact it has higher levels of nitrates than my system does. I generally see zero nitrates in my system. My plants would no doubt benifit from extra fish.

  3. There are at least 3 or 4 more experiments hidden in that message. You've got a lot of work to do. ;)


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