Aquaponics - Pest control flooding

One of the excelent by products of growing your vegitables and herbs in water and media filled containers, is your ability to get rid of pests.

Before I replant my grow bed, I flood it for a half hour or so and see what's been living in my media.

Lots of beasties only come out at night, and hide during the heat of the day.

Especially slugs.

Almost impossible to track down in a conventional garden without just dumping poison everywhere, a flooded grow bed quickly brings them all to the surface, and climbing the walls to get to high ground.

Then it's simply a case of collecting them and feeding them to the fish.

I've been thinking of approaches to an aquaponics based snail farm, (I guess Helioponics) and that in turn has me thinking about  a growbed that you could flood deep enough to introduce the fish to.

It's also led to some thoughts on snail barriers.

120 Things in 20 years has be thinking about thinking about things


  1. BYAP is down. I'm having withdrawal symptoms. I need something aquaponic to read. Quick, write a post!

  2. I saw the post, but not your comment reply! I feel very retrospectively special, thank you. ;)

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