Electronics - Stereo jacks and catalogue errors

I worked with my new chip, trying to get it working from around 8pm to around 5am.

Eventually someone online from ozelecforum.com found the problem. There was an error in the way the pins were labelled in the catalogue. Amazingly helpfull, but what was he doing up at 5am. He lives in the same city as me.

I'm guessing he was trying to figure out some other insanely frustrating electronics problem.

I suspect I've joined a class of obsessed electronics nutters.

Oh well.

So after burning my fingers in two places by touching the hot end of a soldering iron, I finally got my new chip working. After taking all the bits apart, going over the circuit a zillion times, and rebuilding it, I got the tipoff of the error, and stuck it together in 5 seconds.

This error wasn't in the PICAXE catalogue, it was just a data sheet for a plug that I bought to make my own little test circuit for my new 14 pin 14M2 chip. Not quite the standard plug.

The end result is that I got the thing working, and then went to bed.

What all this means is that I don't know anything more about it other than it seems to be really small on the outside, and really big on the inside.

I'll know more about it by tomorrow.


Or I spend the day catching up on all the sleep I'm owed.

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