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My breadboard layout looks like spaghetti.

So I put together on some software called Pebble. It runs in a web page, and is free. Just google search for "pebble breadboard" and you will find where you can download it to your system, or find a place that it runs live online.

It does this...

And it looks a lot less like spaghetti.

You can load various different boards, like breadboards, and pre made picaxe boards.

Pictured here is some stripboard.

Stripboard just has strips of copper running from top to bottom that act as conductors, and is full of holes.

The holes are evenly spaced and standard, so enable you to fit things like chips etc.

You add components to the non copper side, and solder them by flipping the board over. (bend the pins a little after putting the components through so they down fall out when you flip the board

You add wires and components, and can cut the copper strips where needed with a hand held drill bit twisted a few time. Cuts are pictured here with a red X.

The big advantage over pen and paper is it allows you to drag components around to make things fit better.

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