Aquaponics - Sacrificial plants

In my aquaponics system, I grow a sacrificial plant, who's only purpose in my garden is as a caterpillar attractor.

As generous as that might seem, it might be worth noting that the fish like to eat them, and as long as they stay on my caterpillar attractor they are easy to find. 

The plant is called Senposai, or at least it is in my garden store, and claims to be a Japanese green.

I have no idea if it tastes good, because before I get to eat any of it, everything else does.

So I grow it now to keep everything else from eating everything else.

It works a treat as a sacrificial plant.

It looks like this.

It seems those big, round, green leaves are irresistible to creatures that like to place caterpillars into gardens.

Since I've been growing it I've never had a caterpillar on anything else.


I haven't had a lot of caterpillars, but I've had enough to conclude that they love this stuff.

Another advantage, is that the fish seem to love it as well. When I see a leaf with caterpillar holes in it I just rip it off and throw it into the fishtank. The fish go crazy for the caterpillars, then peck away at the leaf until its just a stem.

The stem even floats, making it convenient to lift out and drop into the compost bucket.

I love the stuff and will always grow it.

I just don't think I'll ever get to eat it.

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