Electronics - Aquaponics - Demand fish feeder proof of concept

So the aquaponics demand fish feeder works.

Or at least the proof of concept bit works. Not the PICAXE and electronics bit.

The PVC, the motor, the hopper, and the screw all seem to work well together.

It looks like this....

This is just me touching the wires to a battery rather than the electronics triggering this, so the amount it is delivering each time is a little random.

But it will work just fine.


Now, where did I put my education. I really need some of it now for the electronics.

I wish I had paid attention in school.


  1. Looks good! Look forward to the electronics integration!

    1. There are a few more posts on this scattered throughout the blog ...



      and a student from the USA made one and redrew the circuit diagram. I'll ask therm if I can post their update on the blog. And upload the latest version of the code.

      -120 thing in 20 years


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