Handmade fishing lures

I'm sick of being sick, and it's cold, rainy, and stormy outside. One of our trees decided to lie down for a bit, and the river that runs through our front yard has decided to stray over its banks.

I had a blood test the other day that informed me I had too little vitamin D. I now have a doctor telling me to stand around a lot more in the sun. What sun?

I like fishing.

I like the idea of lure fishing.

Standing around in the sun is nice, but I figured I could be fishing at the same time.

I have a doctor's prescription to go fishing.

I wish I wasn't self employed. If I worked for someone else, I might be able to wrangle getting paid whilst I stand in the sun, fishing.

Making some handmade hard body lures might keep me entertained, and take my mind off how much nicer it would be if the sun was out. Then, when I have made some lures, and the sun comes out, I can justify spending more of my time standing around in the sun at the beach.

Which is nice.

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