Handmade fishing lures - PVC

From time to time, inventions, innovations, ideas, or just dirty limericks, pop into my head and rattle around in there until I do something with them. This thought coagulated over the last few days, and became just such a rattle.

I started by cutting an arc of PVC from an eight inch pipe. I then cut the arc into smaller pieces, with one long one to act as a bib.

I stacked them up and taped them into roughly their desired position to keep them from moving while being pinned.

Next step was to drill some holes so I could pin the different arcs together with dowels.

Once pinned and glued with PVA glue I began to shape it on a bench grinder.

It's only very lightly glued so that I can pull it apart to add some kind of wire harness if it looks like working well enough as an idea to warrant finishing it.

Just out of interest it looks like this when unpacked.

Roughly finished, it looks like this.

I think the general idea might be worth exploring a bit further.

Regardless of it's merit or lack there of, it was in my head, so it had to come out.


  1. Now that is a cool idea. I like the concept of staked materials, as it gives a great depth to the lure and allows you plenty of room to carve.

  2. Thanks.

    I never took the idea any further(not for any real reason, just some other ideas took over :), so if you make something with it, let me know. I'd love to see someone take it a bit further, and catch some fish on it :)

  3. You are a genius! Very nice work.

    Congratulations, from Argentina.


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