Handmade fishing lures - Bibs

As far as I can tell, bibs steer lures down to deeper water, and perhaps add to the action (wiggly fish-like swimming behavior). Because this is a handmade fishing lure, this needs to be a hand made bib.

I think I now have a fair understanding of the basics of what a bib should look like, and roughly how it does some of the stuff that it does. I'm sure I'll find out a lot more as I progress.

There are at least two problems I can see. One is that I don't have anything to make a bib out of, and the other is I don't know how to attach it.

 I have a new camera
My first attempt didn't do so well. I thought an old CD might make a good bib, perhaps by glueing two of them back to back. But it seems CD's are laminated, so when you try to saw them into shape, they break away into layers, leaving you with a very thin bit of frayed plastic that looks nothing like a bib. (Not that it really matters as this lure is never really going to catch fish. This particular lure is really just to discover exactly how much I don't know)

My second bib worked a bit better.

I started with a folded piece of paper and cut out half the shape, so that opening it would reveal the full shape in perfect symmetry.

I cut a bib sized section from a 200mm PVC pipe (the PVC from the media screen in the grow bed from my ongoing aquaponic fish growing caper*)

Then I glued it to the PVC with PVA wood glue (or whatever else you might have (It's only temporary)).

I then began to cut the shape out with a coping saw. My coping saw blade broke, and the glue hadn't dried so the paper came off. As I had no more saw blades, I turned on the bench grinder and just, kind of, ground it all into shape by eye.

Oddly enough that worked perfectly.

Most store bought bibs are made of clear plastic, but it seems people have a lot of handmade success with bibs made of all kinds of stuff including metal, so I'm not going to be too worried that I can't see through my bibs at this stage. What I really want to check is what this design will do in the water. Trying to prevent it flapping about on the surface is my goal at the moment.

I stuck the two pieces together with a drop of superglue to see what it looks like.

It looks like this.

Rather lure-like if you ask me.

*shameless self promotion to those who navigate here by way of fishing orientated searches 

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  1. I've been using the same pipe, seems to work pretty good, I rough it out on the scroll saw then using the bench grinder. I like the paper idea, wish I though of that awhile back.


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