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I just did a test on the rubberized paint that I painted the grow bed with, and it didn't come up to scratch.

Or rather it did.

I'll start again.

The paint scratches too easily.

It might just be because its not quite dry, but I'm losing confidence. As far as I know, the product is fine. I'm just concerned that the grow bed media will scratch through to the zinc coating and I'll be left with fish losses. I'll be using scoria, and from experience with the small test system, I'm convinced it will wear through and expose the original tank underneath. Scoria is very hard and very sharp. I'll still be the gripset for the sump

I think I'll contact my fish breeder, and see if he still has grow beds for sale. When I was there to get my fish he offered me some. From memory they were once used for growing oysters or abalone or something so there wont be any issues with them being food safe or fish safe.

I have a funny feeling the current grow bed might become a solar heater. And I have an even funnier feeling I might be using it to heat my new 1000 l fish tank to increase the fish growth through next winter.

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