Handmade fishing lures - Painting

Its possible to make an unattractive lure with relatively little effort.

first attempt at brush painted lure
I had a go at painting my lure with various tubes and pots of paint-like substances I found around the house. It turns out painting requires skill. Mine is limited. Although my painting skills are limited, by way of distraction, I've made up for my lack of skills with the side splitting pun contained in the caption of the next photo.

Nail polish
My research taught me a stack of stuff about painting lures. Most of it requires skills and equipment that I don't have. One thing I did find easy to apply, and as such qualifies as a tip I can pass on, was to use the head of a nail to apply a drop of black nail polish to create a shiny eye.

Just touch the nail polish against the lure without letting the nail touch. With a little practice, and a steady hand, you should get a nice, raised, perfectly round, and perfectly shiny eye-like drop left behind.


  1. This looks incredibly fun! Hope you get better soon and catch some fish in the meantime!

  2. The eyes look authentic. Any tips if I want to put reaslistic looking ears on my lures? And, would applying red lipstick along with the nail polish give away the game?


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