Handmade fishing lures - Harness

Lures need places to tie line to, and places to hang hooks from. So far my lures have neither.

One way I can think of to attach them, would be to make a lure so that it was split down the middle, and add wire loops to make a harness to tie stuff to, and hang stuff from. It might even be possible to use hooks as ready made eyelets.

I started by cutting two short lengths of half round dowel.

Then I drilled two holes through both to enable me to pin them with very thin dowels.

I added PVA wood glue to the pins in only one side. This will allow me to pull the halves apart once the lure is shaped.

I used a bench grinder to do all the work.

It's possible to put the curve of the grinding wheel to good use. The underside of the lure needs to be concave to aid in the diving action, and the curve of the grinding wheel matched the shape I needed quite nicely.

Roughly finished, it looks something like this.

It should now be possible to separate the two halves by carefully sliding a knife between them and gently twisting.

The plan now involves wrapping some wire around the two pins, and twisting it to form the harness.

It might also be possible to use hooks as ready-made eyelets. The picture at the top of the page is my first attempt at making a lure in two halves, and show the use of hooks as eyelets.

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