Cheese - Cheese press

After making fresh cheese, you need some kind of cheese press to to remove all the excess whey.

I got hold of some PVC storm water pipe and an end cap from stuff I bought to finish the bigger aquaponics project, a plastic lid from a coffee jar, and a clamp.

The idea was to attach the end cap and drill holes all over the place, so that when the coffee jar lid is pressed into it like a plunger, It should squish out as much or as little whey as desired. The coffee jar lid, like many things it turns out, is of a standard size and thus fits snuggly in the role of plunger.

The "120 things in 20 years whey cool cheese press" doesn't look particularly sterile, but it looks kind of cool. It should be capable of applying pressure ranging from a tiny bit, to WHEY too much.

I'll attempt some kind of sterilization on the entire apparatus. And perhaps some kind of pun removal procedure on myself.

This also means I'll be attempting to make some kind of cheese. I've been thinking that I might follow some directions this time. Or not. We shall see.


According to an independent nose, my cheese's current bouquet is

  • cheesy
  • a little sweet
  • vaguely salty
  • a little bit like vinegar 

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