Aquaponics - Hot house

I did a backyard version of an autopsy on the fish that died in the (almost hopeless) hope that the fishy's gizzard would be full of staples, bolts, or something easily identified as the culprit, but it turns out dead fish aren't filled with industrial fasteners, but are in fact just filled with fish guts.

I covered the grow bed in some plastic in the hope that it really is rain that's causing my problems, and also to make an aquaponics hot house. I started with three bent piece of poly pipe (I new all those 5 ft lengths of poly pipe with holes in them would come in handy eventually).

In traditional Australian fashion, I attached everything with wire.

Then covered the entire thing in plastic. I made it so there was no wire on any section that may get condensation running off it. The last thing I need to do Is introduce too much metal into my system. I also made it so that the condensation would run onto the ground rather than back into the grow bed just to be safe.

I got it up just before the rain started. It looks very stormy so I think it was just in time.

The sad thing is, even if this solves the problem, I may have already damaged the gills of my fish. From what I've read, these issues can show up many days down the track.

Even if this doesn't solve the problem with the fish, the plants will love it, and it should keep the system a bit warmer in this stormy chilly weather.

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