Aquaponics - Overflow

I clawed my way out of my sickbed at the crack of noon today to discover my fish tank overflowing.

Growbed on top of fish tank
My new aquaponics arrangement looks like this.

I think it looks quite neat in its new position and new configuration, but sometimes looks can be deceiving.

Deformation of the fish tank causing a spill
A behind the scenes peek reveals a bit of a problem with distortion.

The existing frame was slightly thinner when turned on its side, and no longer affords support to the side of the fish tank.

The result was to allow the half barrel to deform in such a way as to spill water out. Luckily it didn't spill enough to endanger fish or pumps.

Pumps, like fish, hate it when there's no water overhead. I'm not really sure what fish see in it, but pumps tend to use water as lubricant, and for cooling.

wire holding fish tank in shape
As usual wire came to the rescue. I wrapped it around the entire thing.

wire tangle
I then twisted it into this traditional Australian wire knot known as a "Tangle".

The Australian history of using wire to solve our problems is similar to that of the Swiss in the making of the holes in Swiss Cheese.

I really like the way this camera captures blue.

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