Aquaponics - Grow bed patches

One of the problems with taking too long over a project is that I steal all the parts meant for some other project. Sometimes just glimpsing a box full of parts out of the corner of my eye is enough to spark an entirely new project. I'm not starting something new. I've just lost something old.

Before I paint my new grow bed, it's going to need a few less holes. In a past life my grow bed was one half of an upright, square, modular rainwater tank. I'm told fishies dislike the zinc that leaches out of galvanized iron water tanks so they will be sealed in pond liner paint. Being a rainwater tank it has a few large holes cut into it to allow rainwater in.

I cut the side of an old computer box into patches, and riveted them into place with some silicone between for water proofing. I probably didn't need the silicone because the rubber pond paint should seal any gaps, but I don't like leaks so much since my solar hot water project began.

I love rivets and you should as well. Hmmm rivets.

Really, rivets are amazing things because they pull the two surfaces together as they attach. Perfect for this kind of task due to the need for the silicone sandwiching action between the two surfaces.


I wonder if the old computer saw any of this in its future.

Sadly I couldn't find the bell siphon parts I was about to add to this grow bed. After searching for a while I sat down at my desk and realized I had recently used those very parts for the cheese press. So rather than making the bell siphon, I'm off to eat some haloumi.

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