Aquaponics - New system

I did a bit more to the new system today, and undid a bit of what I had already done to balance out my progress, and maintain my standstill.

many small holes make one big hole
After carefully cutting the soon-to-be-grow-bed tanks in half, and patching holes, its a bit nerve racking to make a new hole for the siphon. I started by drilling holes because I have a drill, and find it much easier to use tools that I have rather then the imaginary tools on my wish list. The imaginary ones always go blunt too quickly.

not so round

a bit round


Next I decided the black poly pipe capping I made from all that poly I like to horde wasn't going to be good enough, would look too tatty, and have fractionally more sticking up bits willing to catch on gardening clothes than I normally enjoy. Given that I'm planning to be gardening with this grow bed for years, I thought I might do it properly. Tomorrow I'll get some PVC conduit to cap the grow bed edges with.

When growing produce with aquaponics, you don't really need gardening clothes.

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