Aquaponics PVC edge capping

It's now 10 days since I moved the smaller aquaponics test system away from it's poison shrub. The fish seem fine and the nitrogen cycle is in balance.

New system grow bed with split PVC pipe edge capping
My new system is also doing well in that I made some small amount of progress by fitting the PVC edge capping.

Corners were a bit tricky. I didn't have any way to measure angles but came up with the idea of folding paper. I folded a square of paper in half via opposing corners. Then laid one of the unfolded sides along the PVC. The folded side forms, or should form a 45 Deg angle.

It didn't work very well.

But on this very last one, I stacked the two lengths of PVC one on top of the other and cut through both with the one cut. That took way too long to work out.

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