Aquaponics - Tidy

With most things, including aquaponics, I'm not so tidy.

I thought I'd split some poly pipe and cap all the edges to make them safe and also make them look a bit better.

I tend to get bored with a project as soon as any problems are solved, and long before I get around to making it look good. So it's a good thing there was also a practical need for this task as well.

The rainwater tanks were cut in half using a hacksaw bladed jigsaw, and as a result we were left with razor sharp edges. The razor sharp edges had jagged frayed bits that were also razor sharp. These cutty surfaces were on the sections that people might like to lean over or touch.

Splitting a section long enough to do an entire side of the garden bed proved to be too difficult, so I did it in smaller sections. I then capped the cap where the joins were with another 2 to 3 cm section of poly.

Corners were created by cutting the poly pipe on a 45 degree angle.

It worked well and I suspect it will come in handy again, although I haven't siliconed it all yet, so there is still a fighting chance for some kind of disaster to kick in.

I also though I was quite clever when I made this.

youtube video showing poly pipe being split with cutting wheel in a drill

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