Aquaponics - My shiny new grow house

At long last I now have a finished grow house.

Finished in so far as its built.

This one cost twice as much as the old one and is better in some ways and not so good in others.

It's disappointing in it's inability to keep some pests at bay because it doesn't seal as well around the base and door, so snails might find their way in. It feels a bit like you're performing some kind of mummy resurrection ritual when you walk around a grow bed three times, grinding a sea salt grinder challenging snails to do their worst.

It also has no shelves, but that's both good and bad.

I have a plan.

On the good side of the equation, this one is built a lot better, and has two air vents. I'm hoping to control air flow with some electronics, so having vents will allow me to add a fan or hinged door or something, so I can move air when I want to, and close it up when I want to close it up.

I don't have a plan for that.

I also don't really have a plan for how I'm going to keep my new grow house from blowing away.

I'm using rope to attach it to the fish tank at the moment


  1. Can you pin the bottom down using some boards or something? If you use 2 boards screwed together so they 'capture' the bottom seam, you can provide a heavier base that you can fasten to the ground without damaging the plastic walls. A bit of dirt against the boards and the bottom will be pest-resistant.

  2. sandbags (or bags full of rocks) are a good way to weigh something down. That's what I use on my photography light stands.


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