Electronics - Social norms and fried chips

I'm of the opinion that kitchens should have two computers sitting side by side on a small kitchen table, a soldering station, and stack of components strewn everywhere, an electronics project in the works, and perhaps a few, as yet unidentified, insects in jars.

Interestingly I'm discovering it's not necessarily everyone's idea of the perfect kitchen.

But I bought some of these to add to the kitchen today.

They look neat.

I figure if I add neatness, the overall average neatness score has to increase. Thus, I have slightly improved the situation.

That should buy me some time before having to create some kind of work space that isn't also a dining table.

As much as I feel my neatness score is on the improve, and if I keep adding neat stuff to the collection, I'll end up having a kitchen that must generally be considered to be over all "more neat than not", it's probably a good idea to start this kind of stuff somewhere else.

Those neat things I bought do this.

Which I think is an improvement on this.

I've been struggling a bit to work out some electronics stuff that should have been easy, and I even fried a chip.

It's a commonly held belief that electronic components are full of magic black smoke, and once it's let out, can never be returned.

This, to my surprise, turned out to be true.

I like to blame my escaping black smoke on the birds nest of wires I made my test circuits from. Some stuff simply doesn't like having its wires crossed.

At least with my new connectors, there will be one less thing to blame burnt out components on.


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  2. Thanks Kitchen design,

    But I'm not sure your link building exercise isn't a little confused.

    I'm not completely convinced you have read my blog very carefully. My kitchen is no place to you family, it's much too full of dangerous objects.

    Thanks again for your input.

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