Electronics - Soldering and sweet and sour mandarin marmalade

Huge day at the office today.

I learnt some stuff.

And got some stuff.

But mostly, I can make a LED flash.

And I can solder well enough to keep it flashing.

From where I stand that's pretty exciting, but I do understand if you're not quite as excited as I am.

One or two of these joints look pretty good.

Some look like they need a quick trip to the dentist.

But they all work. In fact they work so well, A program has been uploaded and actually works.

I also made some really nice sweet and sour sauce.

I added rice wine vinegar and a pinch of salt to my mandarin marmalade.

Versatile stuff that mandarin marmalade.

And tasty.


  1. looks like you are either using lead free solder, or spending too long "fiddling" with the joints. Use more solder so plenty of flux is present. That board has a solder mask, so you can over do it a bit an it will still flow properly.

  2. The 5 pins of the stereo plug on the right are a bit grubby because I removed it and replaced it due to it having a short pin that didn't make contact.

    But I take your point with all the other joints that I don't have excuses for :)

    As long as they keep improving rather than getting worse, I think I'll get there in time.

    I bought a solder sucker, so that will give me a bit more confidence when it comes to adding more solder, as I can always re-do it.


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