Aquaponics - strawberry pollination thoughts

Some of my strawberries are a little odd in the way they are forming. Some didn't form at all.

I put the not forming at all problem down to poor pollination. It always seemed to be the ones hidden under leaves or pressed against the corner of the scoria and the side of the barrel.

I have a feeling the poorly formed ones might also be a pollination issue.

As I mentioned in a previous post, strawberries are not really the fruit, they are a fruit holder, the fruit are the little dots on the surface, and they each hold a seed.

In this pic we can see a crease where the strawberry isn't big and red, and we can see the dots that are actually the fruit, are tiny and not formed. I have a feeling these are fruit that didn't get pollinated. When none of them get pollinated, it might explain why I get no "fruit" at all.

All my latest strawberries look like this, and are fast becoming the highlight of the grow house.

I don't actually know if this is a pollination issue, it's just a thought.

Unfortunately when I was between grow houses, there were some strawberry plants that lived in a NFT tube for four days with no nutrient rich water flowing around their roots.

This has left the roots dried and not looking too healthy. The plants are wilting, and the existing fruit on those plants is drying up and looking a bit sad. They are trying desperately to make a comeback, and my aquaponics system has seen some amazing comebacks, so there is still hope, but I think I may have lost out on the bumper harvest I might have had.

I'm adding some water by hand to These plants because I'm concerned that the roots that are touching the water might actually be dead.

Only time will tell.

Home-grown strawberries are delicious.

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