Aquaponics - Strawberry towers and NFT tubes.

Success! Mrs 120ThingsIn20Years and I finished renovating the growhouse.

It looks like this.

Sorry for the poor quality photo. It got dark whilst I was having a rest that turned into a sleep.

Rests can do that.

The new NFT tubes addition looks like this, and is mainly comprised of half a dozen holes with beans at the back so I can climb them up the wall, half a dozen holes with coz lettuce in the centre, and half a dozen of baby spinach. There are a few other things sprinkled in between, and where ever they would fit.

The strawberry plants have all been transplanted.

Those that were in my original little test system should have transplanted without stress because they were already in my modular transplanting pots, but it took me so long to finish the redesign that they spent a little time walking around on dry land.

Not happy plants.

The ones I ripped from the main grow bed and transplanted with bare roots, seem to be just fine.

The original system is a wreck. I did a lot of damage moving it around and getting in behind it to tie down the growhouse structure to a fence.

The end result is a bit sad looking, but it will bounce back.

Along the right side, I planted peas that will climb the wall next to strawberry towers, (to right of frame) and the cascading plant at the front left is the oregano I rediscovered in the centre of the overgrown bit under the tomato. Actually there are two tomato plants in that lump, and I damaged the third too close to the roots to save it, so it's now worm food.

Someone from a university is coming to peek at the system tomorrow. I hope he didn't want it to look pretty. Oops. He's looking at lots of local systems, so no doubt he will be used to seeing systems in a state of constant rebuild.

The plants in the back left corner are some flat leaf parsley, and the base of a store bought bunch of celery that I thought I'd plant. It had no roots and no leaves, but It's doing quite well.

Aquaponics can do that.

Not just Aquaponics - Strawberry towers and NFT tubes -



  1. Hello, I have some questions about your NFT strawberries. I've been trying to grow some for my family without luck. I was wondering if you'd be willing to give me some pointers.

  2. Anything in particular you want to know?

    I'm happy to help in any way I can.

    What went wrong with the strawberries?


    No fruit?

    Crazy shaped fruit?

    No flavour?

    Plants struggling?


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