Thinking - How many words are in a human

I have a feeling each of us has only so many words in them each week.

Get too many words out, and there's no more to put on your blog.

Lately I've been very involved in the community aspects of all the forums I'm a member of to do all the research I do. Instead of unloading my head here, I've been unloading my head in the forum space.

For some reason I think everyone is connected to everyone else and always know what everyone is saying so it doesn't matter where one says it.

It turns out it does.

Looking back over the dates of my posts, I see I havnt really posted a lot, even though a lot has been going on.

This leads me to believe that there are only so many words in everybody's head. Use them all up somewhere, and you have none left for anywhere else.

120 Things in 20 years - Thinking - How many words are in a human. I got nothing.

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