Movie watcher and critic - Adventure in Iraq

Why read your kid's bedtime stories when you can pretend this happened to you. It's not as if they will ever watch the movie and catch you out.

I'm guessing it was made in the late 40's.

Adventure in Iraq

Set in what seems like early world war two, middle eastern desert country (that looks a bit like california with pine trees, eucalypts, walnut trees and so forth), three people in a light aircraft go down in Iraq and find themselves captured by a local tribe of devil worshippers.
The planes radio is busted.
The boss devil guy has an English butler and a two way radio.
The locals want to kill all three of our heroes, because the bosses three brothers are about to be hung by the allied forces.
One night they take the valves out of the stereo in the bosses lounge room, and stroll back to the plane where they replace the valves and call the pilots buddies in the airforce.
The pilot and the woman surrender and get recaptured and the other guy gets shot and killed. 

Just before dying he tells the boss devil worshipper guy that he didn't make the call. 
The boss is quite happy.
Just as the two remaining heroes are torn between getting hung, or marring the devil worshipper boss (on her part), and just getting hung (on his part), some pilots land in biplanes and say "let them go".
The boss says "no".
They get on the hand held radio in a room surrounded by the heavily armed boss's men,  and call in a bomb strike to a nearby ditch.
The boss still says no.
They call in another bomb run a bit closer.
The boss says "Ok ok!" and lets them both go.
They fly away to safety.
----------------------------The minute and a half worth of plot and dialogue really drags on for what feels ages, making time seem to grind to a halt. Given every minute alive is a good minute, this movie makes 60 of them seem like 160. If you watched this a few thousand times, it would feel like you were living for ever. 

Immortality for the price of broadband.
1.2 out of 10
Definitely worth a look.

At 120 things in 20 years, as a movie watcher and critic, I watch things like "Adventure in Iraq", so you don't have to.

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