Aquaponics - Colander feeder success

Well that was easy.

Not that it was ever expected to be difficult, but the fish found the food within a few hours of swimming endlessly in circles.

Fish are so smart.

I've already started to raise the feeder up each time I feed them so that eventually I can add feed directly from the surface without having to lift the colander.

If I feed from the surface with the colander at depth, the feeds blows away in the current before it reaches the sheltered waters of the strainer, and then gets sucked into the outlet before the fish even see it.

The colander will also allow me to trap any fish I choose with minimum fuss and stress. All I'll have to do is lift it to the surface when my chosen fish is in and it will be caught.

It will also serve as a measuring device as I can stick a stainless steel ruler in it to compare fish to each time they enter.

Is there anything a stainless steel colander cant do?

I also replaced the PVC hide for the little one, but this time I cut the sides so it stands on legs, and raises the walls up off the ground so solids cant collect.

120 Things in 20 years is one of the few places on the net where you might hear someone banging on about an aquaponics, colander feeder success.


  1. If you mark your measurements on the colander itself, you can measure the fish directly.

    Knowing the base is so big, the top is so big, the bottom and one side is so big, you'd have a good gauge of the fish size.

  2. Mrs Bullwinkle still doesn't know I've submerged our colander. I cant put marks on it until I replace it :)

  3. thanks for this blog- hard to find GOOD aquaponics problem solving blogs


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