Photography - Time lapse

Ages ago, the nice young lady we know who swapped her iPhone for my home made burger, gave me her old phone. She didn't need it any more because she had just signed up for the iPhone.

Today I discovered a very cool function on the old phone. It turns out you can set it to take six photos with however long a pause you desire between each pic. It says that if you hold the button down it will keep taking photos until the memory runs out.

I plugged it into the charger so it wouldn't run out of power, stuck a 4gig memory card in, set it to take photos every 5 minutes for a few days, and then thought about how tired I'd get holding down the button.

The result was a cable-tie, and a toothpick, to jury-rig a finger.

Now I have to wait 35 minutes to see if it's still taking photos after the first 6 that happen automatically. I wish the people who went to all the trouble of making such a cool function would have considered how much better having a "run forever" option might have been without the user having to invent a fake finger.

Nobody can hold a camera still for more than a 30th of a second. Never mind 7 days.

So for a subject, I thought I'd drop two big fat caterpillars, and a capsicum leaf into a jar, and see if I can catch them turning into whatever it is they turn into.

If all goes well with this test, I'll need to figure out a way to knit the images together into a movie.

When that works, I have bigger and better plans, but for now...I wait.

All the fun of waiting for live, time lapse photography, here at 120 things in 20 years


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    1. Hey Jim!

      Thanks for posting your ad!

      I cant really tell exactly what it is you are saying!

      You're kind of irritating!

      But that's OK!

      Thanks for your considered feedback!

      It makes me wish I was a little more into censorship!


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