Aquaponics - My first spinach*

I harvested the first produce from my new grow bed today.

It's some absurdly healthy spinach*.

It looks like this. And if not for the fact that I used my kitchen door for scale, and you cant tell how big it is, you'd be able to see that it's big.

It's also really, really green. I've never seen spinach* look so good.

I harvested a hat full, but even then you cant tell how big it is, because that's a really big hat.

The biggest non-sombrero hat I've ever seen.

My spinach* is really big.

And really green.

Really really green.

I've also had hundreds of baby carrots.

There they are.

Hundreds of them.

They look like this up close.

Not so big.

Things seem to be growing well in the new constant flood grow beds.

*or silver beet

Wearing a hat filled with spinach* from your first harvest from a new grow beds is a good way to get a seat on a bus. In fact as my first ever 120 Things in 20 years public transport tip, I would say its a good way to empty a bus.

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