Aquaponics - Slugs

As much as I wanted to eat my first strawberry, it turns out something else wanted to eat it more.

I like slugs as much as the next guy, but now I like slugs as much as the next guy if the next guy has just lost his first strawberries to slugs the day before he was going to eat them.

If the neighbourhood slugs are willing to share their half eaten strawberries with the me, its only natural that I should be willing to offer them a small spill of my beer. So I will.

A beer snail and slug trap consists of a small bowl of beer. That's all it takes to draw all the slugs from my nice organic produce into the depths of depravity, and drunken stupor.

Unlike the thirty or fourty years it might take my fellow humans to die from over indulgence, slugs achieve this feat within hours. Or so I'm told.

I can wait all night.

Is there anything beer cant do?


  1. Just wanted to inform you that we have again linked to this excellent page in our 12th November issue of
    We wish you well

  2. Sinking the dish of beer down into the grow bed a little (so the edge of the dish is even with the top of the gravel) might make it easier for the slugs/snails to enjoy your sharing nature.

  3. I have to help them drink my beer now? :) They can walk across a barren field of dry grass and up the side of a blue barrel to eat my only strawberry, and all on one foot!, but wont stand on tippy toes to drink my beer!!!

    Before I plant my new system, I'm gong to flood it for 2 days and pave the pathways with salt.

    Actually I was thinking of making a strong salt solution, and spraying the sides of my growbed to discourage them. Once I have a shade house up, it wont be washed off by rain. It should only need to be re-done two or three times a year.


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