Aquaponics - Goats really are fun

My goat broke my automatic feeder today.

I guess it tasted good, but it might have been more polite to just eat the fish feed and leave the switch alone.

And so far the only gold I have found in all that gravel was this.

It's an interesting crystalline substance that, up close,  looks like plastic gold jewellery, mixed with crushed glass.

I've never seen fools gold before.

I don't feel foolish.

Other than that, everything at the auction I went to was selling for way too much so I'll forget buying a purpose built fish tank, and go back to the original plan of buying some IBC's.

IBC's are how we humans move our ever growing numbers of litres of liquids needing transport across the world. They are generally white(ish) plastic and take the form of a cubic metre drum in a cage on a pallet.

Make sure you know what was in them before you buy them. There is a stack of toxic stuff moving around the globe in these things on any given day. Luckily, many of them carry things like soft drink syrup. Many are not food grade plastic, and its a good idea to check for cracks and flexibility as they become brittle after too long in the sun.

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