Animation - Bell siphon

I've decided to learn how to make animations so as to be better at communication.... And stuff.

Earlier attempts I have made were created frame by frame, but I recently nabbed a copy of Synfig Studio.

From what I've seen so far, It looks the goods. Its free to download and use and its all open source. Yet again the open source community has exceeded my expectations. All these people who contribute are truly amazing. Thank you all.

Here is my first attempt that actually worked. Depending on what I can offer, I might make animation or visual communication a "thing" because I'm sure I'll need the skills more and more, no matter what I do in the future.

The bell siphon is running with a continuous inflow of water. The siphon triggers when the standpipe fills with water. The grow bed (terracotta colour) floods and drains automatically, creating tide-like conditions for plants. The bell siphon is commonly used in aquaponics as a method to flood and drain grow beds. The water drains back into a fish tank, where a pump cycles it back to the grow bed.

A bell siphon (in yellow) triggering and draining via the standpipe (in green)

The real things looks like this from an earlier post called "Aquaponics - Glass bell siphon"

I just re-read this post and it doesn't sound like me.
But it is.
There, that's settled that.

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