Aquaponics - Finished the new grow bed.

It took a few weeks, but I've finally finished the new grow bed.

It still doesn't have a fish tank, a sump, or any plumbing, but it should be ready for some gravel.

If I get gravel, I can start to grow some nitrifying bacteria. Then I'll be well on the way to a decent system.

I glubbed on a stack of silicone.

Weighted it down with everything heavy I could lay my hands on.

Until I saw a bead of silicone telling me it had covered the surfaces nicely.

Cleaned it up, and its done!

This grow bed has taken way too long to get finished. Especially given there wasn't really anything that needed to be done. It should have taken an afternoon rather then the weeks it has.

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  1. I like your way round of doing things. Grow bed first and start the bacteria. I see so many people get fish in a tank and then go in and start asking how long they should wait before adding plants (not even aware that bio-filtration is involved.)


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