Aquaponics - Goat

As useful as Granger was in helping me to make home made goat dung volcanic growing media, it turns out goats have no place near plants and gardens.

I thought I had him safely blocked from my small aquaponics test system, but people often think things like that when it comes to goats, and are often proven wrong.

This is what my grow bed looked like before the attack (actually this picture is older but you get the idea).

And this is the same plants now.

I walked into the back yard and saw my goat chewing a mouthful of strawberry plant, with an expression of surprise that I seemed to be upset.

I replied by turning on the hose, running around shouting, and trying to squirt him.

He seemed to think it was all great fun and promptly did what goats do when you chase them around squirting them with a hose. Head for the hills.

That's him on my roof.

Laughing at me.

My grow bed looks like this now.

I managed to save the rosemary, two strawberry plants (one with two runners forming), and some celery.

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