Electronics - Week 2


What on earth is calculus?

I cant learn calculus this week as this week is already partly gone.

I still haven't slept enough since algebra.

I'm officially out of my league.

120 things in 20 years, and my electronics education sees me asking "What was I thinking" at week two. I guess they were correct when they said I would need a strong foundation in maths and physics. 


  1. Alcohol and calculus don't mix. Never drink and derive.

  2. I dont see how anyone could do calculus with being drunk.

  3. If you're drunk reading this comment you'll still probably wont understand what I'm gonna say,but still would like to answer your query maybe when you read your post again you'll be sober.
    >> Calculus is the study of change and is divided in to two categories; DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS (rate of change) AND INTEGRAL CALCULUS (accumulation).

  4. Can anyone tell me what a link building exercise is?


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