Aquaponics - Algal bloom improvement

Well its 5 days later, and my algae is still living out it's algal life as if I'm not doing everything I can to kill it.

Human -  Nought / 3 trillion microscopic flora - One

But I'm not keeping score.

Actually it looks like this now, and the bottom is becoming visible, so it should clear up soon.

The black line from left to centre is the drain in the bottom of the IBC fish tank, and the larger black smudge is some gutter guard plastic mesh that I knotted up and jammed into the drain so fish wouldn't get stuck in the SLO (solids lifting overflow).

The same scene looked like this  5 days ago, so it's definitely getting better.

To me it looks like another week will see it clear unless it all dies off as suddenly as it arrived.

Aquaponics algal bloom improvements might not be you cup of tea, but there are a stack of other things here at 120 Things in 20 years.


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