Aquaponics - Algae all clear

It looks like my algae farming days are complete.

The new system's fish tank looks like this now.

It took around a week to clear once I covered it to keep the sunlight out.

I'm told it's harmless to the fish, but that there might be a bit of a short term spike in nutrient as the dead algae breaks down.

I haven't been feeding in anticipation of this spike, so hopefully everything will be good from now on.

The photo doesn't really do it justice, but the water is very clear now. My camera tries to focus on the surface of the water so I have to focus on my feet, and then take the pic.

I miss my old film SLR camera, but I just looked at the automatic numbering of my photos, and this pic is number 4665.jpg. And this is my second camera since I started 120 things in 20 years, so If it wasn't for my little digital camera, I would need to mortgage a lung or something to pay for film.

For being able to take photos of my aquaponics algae being all clear, if you're reading, thanks from 120 Things in 20 years to those who had anything to do with making my camera. Even though I now have to force open the lens cover by hand each time I turn it on, and it makes a sound like you might expect if you poured a truck load of kitchen blenders into a giant industrial blender when I turn it off and the lens cover grinds to a close. But for nearly 5000 photos and a stack of videos for a hundred bucks or so, thanks.

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