Aquaponics - Silver Silver Perch

My silver perch are going silver.

I'm not really sure what that means.

Perhaps it's a sign that I should eat them and get some trout for winter.

Pictured here in this very poorly composed photo, is my bigger angry one.

The smaller one is hiding.

I made the smaller one a small hide from a sliced down length of 90mm PVC so the ceiling is too low for the big one to enter. It seems to have created at least a bit of peace in the system.

One slightly interesting thing of note, is that the overall calm in the tank rises considerably at night.

More and more, I'm convinced that the angry fish is being a bully because it's scared. Perhaps if you feel a predator is near, chasing a smaller fish out into the open is a good way to distract the predator from eating you, because it becomes too busy munching on your old buddy that you've know since delivery day in the plastic bag.

We can all learn something from that.

120 Things in 20 years teaches us that not only do Silver Perch sometimes turn silver, but that if you think a lion is going to attack you, it pays to help a tourist to the front so they can get a better look.

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