Thinking - The Solar Toyosphere

A prediction.

At some point in the near future, there will exist around the earth, a halo of solar powered flying toys that either never had, or have out-ranged their remote controllers.

This Solar Toyosphere will be a problem to air transport, people who don't like things falling on their heads, and anyone who would prefer to not be in shade all the time.

It works like this.

Little Johnny gets a new solar helicopter for his birthday and runs outside. He forgot to put the batteries in the remote control handset, so the second he turns it on, it flies to the Solar Toyosphere where it lurks for fifteen years, when it's bearings finally wear out.

The end.

Repeat 1.3 billion times in a holiday season coming soon :)

So you bought a solar hang glider, launched it, and it's still up there. 120 things in 20 years is yet another place that wont refund money on solar toys lost to the Solar Toyosphere.


  1. Youre the inventor... how can the Solar Toyosphere be harvested with recycling in mind.


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