Aquaponics - Capsicum

My capsicum, chilli pepper, red or green pepper, sweet pepper, or whatever else you call these things in your part of the world are starting to form.

I grew my capsicum plants from seed ages ago, but due to delays in transplanting caused by my being too lazy to add the needed new media to top up my grow bed, they lost a little of their desire to live just before transplanting*. This left all but one without most of their leaves. The one that did have leaves had also lost just under half its leaves.

The result was my feeling that I wasn't going to see a lot of fruit from my lazy labours.

It turns out being lazy can still pay, and in this case, might even pay off more than being whatever the word for un-lazy is.

Industrious? That works. Anyway...

It seems that after losing all your leaves, some plants like to grow two or more new main trunks, so I might see twice as much fruit on the ones that were sickest at some stage down the track, when they are fully recovered.

Or not.

I'm not sure that it would be worth doing on purpose, because the ones that fell apart are way behind as far as flowing, and fruiting are concerned.

But it might have worked out well by spreading the fruiting out a bit or perhaps as mentioned, mean I get twice as much fruit from them.

I'll let you know.


120 things in 20 years - Aquaponics - Capsicum plants often contain methyl vanillyl nonenamide, which is what makes hot members of this family hot.

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