Home made preserves - Green tomato chutney

In spite of the endless pruning and sun drying, I can see I'm still going to have too many tomatoes.

I think for my next trick I'll try to make some green tomato chutney. I bought some once and we ate it very quickly, from memory, on cheese sandwiches.

I was going to start picking and making, when I discovered all the recipes that look good, call for apples and a stack of different spices.

I keep a decent supply of spices, but for some reason don't have any apples. So it's going to have to wait until I get some.

Stay tuned.

120 things in 20 years, bringing you nothing really, not even "Home made preserves - Green tomato chutney"


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  2. Fried green tomatoes are awesomely good, too. Of course, pretty much anything dredged in eggs and flour and deep fried has a chance at being delicious...but green tomatoes definitely are toward the top end of the yummy fried stuff spectrum.

  3. I've never deep fried green tomatoes. Is that what fried green tomatoes are? I always thought they were just shallow fried in a frying pan. Searching for recipes now.

    1. I think it would work fine either way. I actually did mine in a frying pan when I tried them, because I didn't have a deep fryer, or enough oil to simulate one. :)

  4. Now I cant wait to get green tomatoes again. They look great.

    And I agree. I suspect even deep fried air would be delicious.


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