I'm back


I'm back.

Or so it seems.

I won a photo competition. Which is nice. I found some landscapes in my aquaponics system and spent a few hours with the camera. The pic that did it was the one above. It's a photo of my small blue barrel aquaponics test system. That's one of my little silver perch featured in the foreground, and the black algae 45cm away on the rear wall of the blue barrel is exactly that.

What a difference a frame makes
 For those that care about such things, the pic was taken on a little digital happy snap Canon PowerShot A490 on auto mode (with some adjustment of the flash output by partially covering it with my finger) no post production was done, other than cropping the image a bit to get rid of the edges of the barrel and the water flowing in as these things ruined the illusion. So basically the image was just taken and not interfered with. The photo to the left is not the one it was cropped from, but shows what the scene really is.

And they say photos don't lie.

I've also moved home. We are now conveniently close to some things that are good to be conveniently close to, and depressingly far from some other things that we loved.

In the time I spent away I didn't do much of interest, and almost totally failed to learn anything new, so you haven't missed anything by my lack of posts.

Because of my new location, I don't think windmills are going to be acceptable. So I'm thinking of growing some snails. Snails tend to be a bit quieter than windmills. Is quieter a word. It should be. There are already stack of snails in the new backyard so I'm off to a good start. I know a bit about snails, but I want to develop a new way of growing them aquaponics style.

Part of the problem is the lease on my new home explicitly states that there are to be no fish. Inside, or out, so I'm hoping to power my veggie garden with snail poop.

Oh well.

Stay tuned for more "Things".


  1. I'm hugely interested in the windmill stuff, but my area is terrible for wind…so it's all academic for me. Pity about the fish thing with the aquaponics. That's what brought me to your blog in the first place.

  2. I'll be keeping fish in some way. And I'll also do some kind of wind generator for an epic river adventure I have planned. It just wont be the fast moving blade type as they are a bit loud for the suburbs.


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