120 things in 20 years

Due to quantum and other effects beyond my control, I'm forced to start a new thing.




I was planning to move this blog, and to that end acquired odolobo.com to have my way with. But at least for a bit, I can no longer.

I've set up an email address at odolobo.com that I'll bulk reply to if I can get this thing back on track, if and when the universe permits me to be me again.

If you feel trusting that I wont sell it or send you junk mail, send an email to ...

120thingsin20years@odoloboDOTcom just replace the word DOT with a "." That's just there so spam bots dont send me spam.

I hate spam.

Otherwise, if you feel untrusting, do it anyway.

Thanks to all the people who follow the blog, and all those who find hopefully useful snippets via search engines. I hope I've been entertaining, distracting, irritating, informative, of whatever your motivations are for reading this stuff. Oh, and sorry to those students who sourced their reports from my "history of mold making". I'm not so good with histories. I never know which version to believe.

If it's at all possible, I'll be back, if not, I'll let down one of your car tires every few years so you remember me.

If my return is actually a clone/alien/impostor of some other kind, you will know because I'll fail to start my next post with the secret code.

1 comment:

  1. I subscribed to your announcement list.

    Good luck with your endeavorers during the hiatus.

    I can't wait to see the remaining 112 things in the future. - You've a 20 year fan in me!


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