Aquaponics - Moss

I noticed some moss growing on my scoria today.

I don't know what that means.

It's been raining quite a bit so it might just be rain, but if its not its a bit of a concern.

Its possible that there was a bit of settling of the scoria when I moved houses (perhaps cornflake manufacturers aren't lying to me after all). This might mean the water level is now coming too close to the surface of the growing media.

The water level is set by the standpipe in the bell siphon, so its the same as it always has been, but the lowering of the media means the plants are now also lower.

The plants are looking fine at the moment, and we have already started to harvest salads from the lettuce (we repeat havest leaves from coz lettuce until the plants get too ratty and then replace them). The baby spinach is not quite ready for a similar attack, but soon will be.

I have no idea if higher water levels will cause any problems, but it's normally agreed that the water should only come to within a few centimetres of the top of the media. Plants tend not to like it when they get too wet.

I'll keep a close eye on it and in needs be add some extra media or shave off some height on the standpipe. My plan would be to add media and then gently pull up the plants to a new level. I have no idea if this will work but these things have to be tried :)

So far I've found aquaponics to be very accommodating and gentle to the plants whenever I've transplanted them, or even lifted them out to look at their roots.

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