Aquaponics - The state of the fishies

Happy birthday 120 things in 20 years!

I was looking through my youtube videos and was quite surprised to see how much my fish had grown. I forgot how small they were when I first got them.

They now look like this. The largest is probably around 22 cm long. The water temperature is only 10 degrees c in the morning because of overnight heat loss, (it's winter in this part of the world) but I'm running a powerhead (a powerhead is a fishtank water moving device that acts more like an outboard motor than a pump) to keep the water moving. This seems to be making them more active, and they are eating much more than I would expect.

Normally silver perch shut down at around 16 degrees c and eat only a tiny amount until water temperatures improve.

They seem to love the high flow rate and actively seek it out, even though there are calm areas in the fish tank.  The following video is in 10 degree c water.

They used to look like this!

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