Aquaponics - Transplanting weeds (wild rocket)

Sometimes I wonder what normal people might do if the weeds in their front lawn were getting so high that they were lowering local property values, but they were too delicious to cut down.

Our front "lawn" is made up entirely of weeds that we normally diligently mow to a controlled inch or so in height. This year, quite a bit of it is wild rocket.

Mowing the lawn swells amazing.

We've been enjoying it so much this year, that I decided that I should grow some in a more controlled fashion. Perhaps even in the new aquaponics grow bed. I'm not sure if weeds will enjoy the happy plant habitat of a constant flood grow bed. Even if they don't go into the grow bed, I'll at least grow it behind my shed or something. Somewhere out of sight anyway.

The problem is, the front lawn's collection is going to seed. I want the seed, but it's not quite ready to collect. So they are getting too tall and ratty to pretend they are simply between mows. That coupled with the fact that by a bizarre twist of circumstance, in the last few weeks, we went from a one car household to a three car household, all makes the front of our house seemed a little neglected. The natural habitat of cars you don't use is of course, the front lawn.

The result is I collected a bucket full of weeds.

And transplanted them to my aquaponics system.

It's quite an odd feeling seeing such fully developed weeds in an aquaponics system.

It might have been a first if not for the fact that a few years ago, I lovingly transplanted something that I thought was a lettuce, and even more lovingly watched it grow into a thistle.

I just looked up "thistle" and it turns out they are food as well.

120 Things in 20 years learns something new every day. (at least)

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